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Welcome to the Jedi Syndicate boards! Empty Welcome to the Jedi Syndicate boards!

Post  Haven on Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:21 am

Welcome to our boards!

Jedi Syndicate [JS] is an american clan that aims to return Jedi Knight II to its former glory by covering all aspects of the game, gathering people and training them to share the skills that have been accumulated throughout all these years (since 2002), in order to form teams that would be ready to compete in each gametype, be it with other american clans or with european clans.

We're mostly based in FF and FL at the moment, and currently forming a CTF team and training in that field as well. We have three servers in different locations (they will be finished to set up soon) to accomodate players from different locations.

Feel free to post suggestions and comments, sharing knowledge is always a step towards improvement!


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